A story about a little tow truck that could.

One red little tow truck can tow every single junk car in Indianapolis.

If you have a junk car, and you’de like to get rid of, give us a call.

We are here to serve you, make sure you have the title. No title, no money for your junk car. Rather its junk or running, we will still give you a fair quote. We may not be interested in all the running and driving cars out there, but we will at least be able to help you get rid of it… or give you some sort of advice on how to sell it. The same goes for used auto parts, we may not have your part in stock but if you ask… one of our awesome sales contractors will be able to find it for you.

So when getting cash for your car, remember one thing. Call us at 317-374-2021 extension 1. That is all, just give us a call and you’ll get a quote.

Please remember, if you have flat tires, wheels missing, be sure to let the tow truck driver know this ahead of time. It will save both of us alot of time.

As always, may the $ be with you.


Cash for cars Indianapolis

This was one we purchased from the Indianapolis area.

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Junk cars and junk yards update for September!

Here we are in this little city known as Indianapolis.

We have a junkyard, and its doing great. We have a whole ton on ton of cars for parts. Any part you may need we can find it. What is important is finding us.

Picture of our tow truck at our yard

If your looking for a place to junk your car, we are it.

We have a large junkyard located on the west side of Indianapolis. We have been buying junk cars for a really long time.

Junk car Indianapolis picture 1.

Guide on selling junk car.

Here is some news for you. Metal is going down, it is starting to drop like a rock. Many criticize our current president for this drop in price. The trade war is starting to effect metal big time. Rather he is doing right or wrong we don’t know, we do know one thing.. metal is going down.

With this being said, right now would be a good time to sell your car. It could go down again here in the coming months. There is talks that the country Turkey may stop buying metal from us. If this happens metal is sure to drop another $50/ton on top of the $40/ton is just dropped this month.

Its up to you if you want the sell the car now, or maybe wait until next year to sell. Whatever you decide to do, you can call and get our opinion anytime. We are here to help you. Here if you need any help getting rid of your junk cars.

Sell your junk car directions.

Proceed to step 1 to sell your car.

The first step in selling your car is being sure you have the title and locating the title. Once you have located the title give us a call at 317-374-2021.

The next step is getting a tow truck scheduled, please don’t schedule with us then call another company and schedule with them. This is one of the absolute rudest things you can do. We spend fuel on these trucks and spend time driving to your house just to be greeted by two other tow trucks at your house. RUDE!

Step 1 on getting help.

Sell your junk car with us anytime, 317-374-2021

After you have an appointment scheduled with us, be sure to remove your plates off your vehicle, you definitely don’t want those floating around our junkyard. It is your responsibility to be sure to get these off, our drivers do our best to remind you but as busy as we get sometimes we forget. You can always ask our driver to remove them for you, as we do that for free.

The last step is counting your money. Once our driver hands you the money we ask that you count it right in front of us. Too many times customers have tried scamming us by saying they didn’t get the correct amount. What really is happening you either dropped it or are hiding from your loved ones how much you actually got haha. Just count the money before we leave.

We are here to help you.

Junk yard of the year reward.

Located west of Indianapolis, we love this place!

Check out our new website google built for us. More info on our new little site.

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Plainfield Indiana and Hendricks County Residents we have Cash for Cars!

If you live in Cartersburg, Clayton, or Plainfield and need auto parts then come to us! We buy and sell cash for cars near you.

We have bumpers, batteries, we also have any GMC part you will need. You would be crazy to go anywhere else if you live near us. If the part was wrong just bring and back and exchange it for the part you need.

We have been paying cash for cars for many years hear on the Westside of Indianapolis.


Bring those soft green backs and and buy whatever you need. If we don’t have the part you need we can easily order it for you. If you only want an offer head our way and we will offer you cash for your car.

We purchase autos on the spot.

Trucks; Cars; Suvs; Vans; Bikes. Running or Cold just bring them in.

Places to buy junk cars

Any Condition on any vehicle it can even be a boat! Destroyed or Junk Cars
are okay too! We’ve sold cars for cash all over The Plainfield Avon area. If your friends or family have come to us then they have left happy. Don’t be scared give us a call at 317-374-2021 and and get cash for cars. If someone offers you more we will beat them!

Meet Archer when you come in hes the friend local puppy that has been hanging around these parts recently.

Archer loves cash for cars Clayton Indiana

Whether your vehicle is is falling apart or your vehicle is in extraordinary condition we are here to buy it!

At acemidtown.com, we purchase autos for the most money, period.

With years of experience, we are here to help you make some quick money before Christmas. If you have some rusty old car that you’re sick of seeing in your driveway and you live in Clayton or Cartersburg then please give us a call. We will offer you cash for cars on the spot. We hope your Christmas is great and have a Happy New Year!

Quick Cash for Cars Indianapolis. Trucks. SUVs. Smaller than expected Vans. Any Condition. Running or Not.

Garbage Cars, Wrecked Cars, No Problem. We Buy All Makes and Models of Motor Vehicles.

Call (317) 374-2021 now for a free quote, and get some quick cash for the holiday season in the Indianapolis area.

Cash for cars Indianapolis

We are here for you, call us 317-374-2021

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Back on tibbs.

We are opening back up on Tibbs avenue.

Let me tell you about the past 18 months. We have been grinding, saving cars for your auto parts needs. It feels good to be back in the junkyard game. We are here for you. We are here to serve you.

Out of respect to our other competitors we won’t be doing any prick moves yet. Please, play nice and be respectful.. we come back in peace. War is always the last resort.

We will be doing free parts delivery, and free towing for all your junk car needs.

Still paying the best on cars. Absolute best!

Come in and see us, or call 317-374-2021 for your used auto parts needs.

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Cash for cars out West of Indianapolis

We have all kinds of stories about buying cars out west. Greencastle is a great place, we’ve dragged some real junk cars out of that place. We just dragged a 2500 Cummins diesel Dodge out of Eminence the other day. It was a real beauty. It actually just today, five minutes ago made someones day. They had been looking for a 24 valve diesel engine for two years, and he just walked away a happy customer. This is what happens when you keep looking with perseverance.


We picked up a few cars in Stilesville as well. A junk Chevrolet Malibu just got brought to us from Danville. We pick up quite a few cars in Danville actually, we picked up a 200sx the other day from that town. It ended up being a real junk car!

We pick up cars all over, and pay top dollar on the west side of Indianapolis.

We pick up cars all over, and pay top dollar on the west side of Indianapolis.

Wait until everyone sees what we hang on the junkyard out in Clayton, Indiana. It is going to be great.
Our mission is to help you get rid of your unwanted car, truck, or van fast! We makes it easy to sell your vehicle without worrying about the hassle of online advertising , no-show buyers, and wasting your time in general! Our car buyers work around the clock to be able to pick up your vehicle at a time that is convenient for you, and in many cases we offer same day pick up! We buy all makes and models: Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Honda, Ford and more, new or old, and we’ll pay cash for cars in any condition: like new or damaged, running or not! We service the Indianapolis area, but also many of the surrounding areas such as Carmel, Greenwood, Nobelsville, Plainfield, Avon, and many more! With one phone call, your personal cash for cars agent will guide you through the quick and easy process, and answer any questions that you may have along the way! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, and we will help you get your unwanted junk gone fast!

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Cash for Cars Indianapolis Election Update

Election time is here! We are still paying top dollar. Metal is very low at $85/Ton, and it could be lower. Not much to expect until the election is over with. Once election time is over, watch for a spike in metal or maybe even a dip. You never know!

We are now buying cars out in Coatesville. We pay top dollar in and around Greencastle, Fillmore, Limedale, Bainbridge, Putnamville, Cloverdale, Stilesville, Eminence, and Belle Union. If you have a junk car around these areas please call us first. As always in and around Indianapolis as well. Just give us a call and we can give you a quote.

With it being election time, we aren’t quite sure what metal is going to do. No one is, one thing is for sure our prices for parts will continue to stay low! Please if you need any parts at all give us a call.

All over Indianapolis and further west we will pay top dollar for your cars.

All over Indianapolis and further west we will pay top dollar for your cars.

With metal being so low, please remember late model vehicles we will pay the most for. If it runs and drives, drive it too us and we can pay you even more.

We love to buy cars in Danville, our neighbors.

We love to buy cars in Danville, our neighbors.

How many cars can you sell us a year? The answer is unlimited. If you are in need of any parts we will sell them to you cheap. Especially Ford Taurus parts haha, we can’t give those away sometimes. But in all reality check out this 1986 Chevrolet Montecarlo that we absolutely hated selling the other day.

This was one we purchased from the Indianapolis area.

This was one we purchased from the Indianapolis area.

Yes it broke our heart to sell this one, but it went to a man who’s son races this in a stock car class. Hopefully they do well next year with their racing, we love to see people win in racing. After he puts a roll cage, and a big horsepower engine down in it.. along with some racing tires and wheels he will be able to go as fast as he can turning left. Yes left only, which in our opinion is only half breed racing. Real race car drivers can turn left and right. Which by the way, I’ll give anyone their parts for free if they think they can beat me in anything with 4 wheels that turns left and right. Bring it on!

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Cash for cars June update.

Well its been sometime since an update on what metal is doing. The short answer is, it’s up… barely. It’s not great but it’s not low. We are paying great money for any car rather it’s junk or not. 


Cash for cars in Coatesville, In

We buy cars everywhere. Look at this Jeep we got from Coatesville, Indiana last week. It’s a beautiful jeep.

Someone actually broke in this Jeep at the junkyard over the weekend and stole every single Harbor freight tool we had. Word to the wise people, don’t steal from a Junkyard. We like to set traps.

To sell your car just give us a call or use this form. We can help you anytime on selling your car. It’s a very easy process. We specialize in Jeep, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz. Please, give use a call and we will give you a great quote. Sometimes we ask for pictures or more specific questions then other junkyards, this helps us give you the best quote.

We have been growing the past year, and it’s hard for us to buy ever single car but we do give great quotes and we do stay busy. One thing is for sure, we love to buy cars. We can go anywhere in Indiana and sometimes even further to pick up vehicles. Lately we have been buying alot of cars around the Hendricks county area. Including but not limited to Danville and Coatesville. If yo have a car in Coatesville, we will come to you with cash and a tow truck and pay you right on the spot. Our junkyard isn’t far from you.


We can not explain this car, complete junker!

We buy cars like this all the time. This Pontiac was painted up custom. Which is fine, but if you do this to your car expect a little less money when we come buy it.

Call us anytime 317-374-2021 for car removal.

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Cash 4 cars update January

Well metal has finally went up…. $20 It went up a whole $20, not that great of news but much better news than it going down another 50%.

We have been buying all winter at a very low price, many people stopped buying junk cars all across the board. Some people switched to jus r buying running and driving cars. Well we are buying running and driving junk cars, and also complete junkers.

Ace midtown’s junkyard had always been available to buy cars. You can call us anytime.

If you are searching for used auto parts try Newest Used auto parts search tool . It is a very simple website that will search all of Indianapolis for any parts you may need.

As always we will pay top dollar for Jeep’s and Honda’s.

Spring is just around the corner, get rid of those junk cars before spring hits!

If we can help you rather it be buying your used car from your or pointing you in the right direction… we will do our best too. Thank you for choosing our website.

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Cash for cars Indianapolis October update 2

We will buy your cars anywhere in the world. Have something cool enough for shipping expenses?

Metal is low, so low they are just sitting around on the streets!

We buy junk cars all day in Indianapolis, monthly world wide!

About metal… gas prices are back down, and metals are still down. If you want the cheap gas, don’t expect to get much $ for your junk car. If it runs and drives this is better, we will pay you more cash. But still low gas prices  means low metal prices, don’t ask us why.. have yet to figure this out. Right now, for the next 5 days we are paying $70+/ton complete!

Think you have a real diamond in the rough, call 317-374-2021.

Reasons to call us:
1. Cash in hand, how quickly would you like it in your hand?
2. We know people. For example if you have a junk car with a 4.0L engine… we already have it sold.
3. We have a flat bed tow truck, we can get cars out of tough situations.
4. We know our town is large, we pay the most out of this large town. Large town also means large amount of cash.
5. My hot girlfriend rides in the truck with me, she really knows how to hook a chain. Which means we are out of your driveway in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Cash for cars is easy in Indianapolis.


Junk cars Indianapolis, junk them and keep your air clean.

If you reading this… share this on Facebook, and I’ll give you a tow discount good 24 hours.

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Cash for cars October update

Metal is low, and it is effecting how much we pay you. Know what you have when calling us. We will pay more if the engine or transmission is good on junk cars. China is playing a huge roll on why metal around the world is so low. They aren’t building as much as they use 2. We can still buy your car. We are paying top dollar for Honda, Jeep, and any late model still.

Junk cars in Mooresville, Southport, Avon, Danville, Plainfield, Brownsburg

Junk cars in Mooresville, Southport, Avon, Danville, Plainfield, Brownsburg

Metal is at $80/TON this is low, but we still will pay you more if your car has good parts! It is suppose to be all the way down to $40/TON by Christmas.

Call us anytime for a quote on your junk car.

Anywhere around the Indianapolis area suburbs and all we will buy your car. We have a tow truck and cash and tow 24 hours a day. We are hoping metal will go up soon but for right now your scrap car isn’t worth as much as it use to be.

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Cash for cars Indianapolis with bad transmissions

Check for something like this check while and park or neutral. You want to start the car make sure its warm and check the fluid on the stick. Make sure there is not any oil in the middle of the street. A little brown should be paying a reddish in color internal in the transmission transmission computer but there’s a problem it’ll probably should have check engine light on. If you have a slipping from her feel something funny in the transmission and the check engine light comes on you should take it to a qualified service center to have it checked out. With your actual transmission for just one of the speed sensors so it could be a small repair or larger repair but its better safe than sorry.

We will buy your junk car if the transmission is bad or good. Visit this page for more information.

Automatic transmission in your car takes the energy from the engine turns it into centrifical energy and sends it to the wheels at different speeds. There are many different types of transmissions in the cars. The most common type is a shifting automatic transmission where has anywhere from 2 to 5 speeds. Most common is a for speed 3 speeds and an overdrive. The first thing you want to do when you think that your transmission is bad does it does it seem like it slipping at the same points and is there something different.

Cash for cars Indianapolis

We will buy any car for cash, call us 317-374-2021

If you think that your transmission is bad, the transmission fluid should smell nice and clean and smelling. If it snows burn or or looks dark of a transmission is it takes a second or two before and gauges ship the car in the drive and nothing happens thats common when the fluid gets low you could have a problem. The transmission could have put itself into something called limp mode, and it’s a computer in your car or some sort of pressure problem it will give you a check engine light.

Cash for cars in Indianapolis is easy for us if you have a bad transmission. We also do transmission repair you can visit More help located here.


Things to remember.

1. Transmission is slipping, we are places that buy junk cars.
2. Transmission is not slipping, we are still a place that will buy that junk car in Indianapolis.
3. Engine not starting, consider it a junk car.

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Ever wonder why we like junk cars?

Junk cars in Indianapolis

Well lets start off with saying that cars are a beautiful thing. We love them almost more then we love our wifes, some men or maybe even most probably love their car more then the wife haha.

No but seriously. There is just something about tinkering with a junk car. You definitely arn’t afraid to break it because if you do you can always crush it and get a little money from it.

Thats what we are here for. We are here to come to you and give you cash for that car that is just complete junk. When we come to you and buy your junk car, we do it in a way that makes it very simple for you. How? Well its simple. We bring cash, hand you the cash, and tow that junk vehicle away.

Also, Mooresville info

It only makes it worst when you decide to keep the battery or wheels. We do give you less money in this situation but we still tow for free. Don’t be surprised if we ask for the battery or wheels, it will always help on your quote.

Goat likes to buy junk cars .

Goat likes to buy junk cars .

Indianapolis, Avon, Beachgrove, Plainfield, Zionsville, Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Fishers, Broadripple, Brownsburg, Clearmont, Greenwood, Greenfield, Whiteland, Greencastle, Muncie, also Lawrence and Speedway are all places that we will goto and buy.

So the sooner you schedule the sooner we can get a tow truck driver in your area.

cash for junk cars in Indianapolis

When we tell you we pay cash for junk cars, thats exactly what we do.

Follow us on Instagram- @aceacegetit

Our Instagram is full of great things, really cool stuff.

Any questions we are here to help you.

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