Car buyer Indianapolis


Ace midtown is the premier car buyer in Indianapolis. We buy in all areas, not just Indianapolis. We will come to many areas and pay cash for cars. Cash for junk cars also. When we come to you and buy we pay you in nothing but cash. We also give you a great deal on any parts you may need for your new vehicle or secondary vehicle that you may have besides the one that we buy junk cars.

Usually if the car has been sitting for a lo NV period of time some things may come up missing on it, especially the catalytic converter. Don’t let your car sit too long, sell it to us. You will get paid good cash for cars if it is still complete and not missing things like the catalytic converter.

We take pride in giving the most dollars for cars in Indianapolis. To do this we buy a lot of vehicles , and because we buy so many vehicles we can afford to pay more for vehicles.



When we arrived to buy your vehicle please be sure it’s ready to be sold. Find the keys and out them in a safe place till we arrive. Remove the plates off the vehicle. Clean all your belongings from the vehicle, don’t forget the trunk!

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