Cash for cars Indianapolis October update 2

We will buy your cars anywhere in the world. Have something cool enough for shipping expenses?

Metal is low, so low they are just sitting around on the streets!

We buy junk cars all day in Indianapolis, monthly world wide!

About metal… gas prices are back down, and metals are still down. If you want the cheap gas, don’t expect to get much $ for your junk car. If it runs and drives this is better, we will pay you more cash. But still low gas prices  means low metal prices, don’t ask us why.. have yet to figure this out. Right now, for the next 5 days we are paying $70+/ton complete!

Think you have a real diamond in the rough, call 317-374-2021.

Reasons to call us:
1. Cash in hand, how quickly would you like it in your hand?
2. We know people. For example if you have a junk car with a 4.0L engine… we already have it sold.
3. We have a flat bed tow truck, we can get cars out of tough situations.
4. We know our town is large, we pay the most out of this large town. Large town also means large amount of cash.
5. My hot girlfriend rides in the truck with me, she really knows how to hook a chain. Which means we are out of your driveway in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Cash for cars is easy in Indianapolis.


Junk cars Indianapolis, junk them and keep your air clean.

If you reading this… share this on Facebook, and I’ll give you a tow discount good 24 hours.

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