Cash for cars June update.

Well its been sometime since an update on what metal is doing. The short answer is, it’s up… barely. It’s not great but it’s not low. We are paying great money for any car rather it’s junk or not. 


Cash for cars in Coatesville, In

We buy cars everywhere. Look at this Jeep we got from Coatesville, Indiana last week. It’s a beautiful jeep.

Someone actually broke in this Jeep at the junkyard over the weekend and stole every single Harbor freight tool we had. Word to the wise people, don’t steal from a Junkyard. We like to set traps.

To sell your car just give us a call or use this form. We can help you anytime on selling your car. It’s a very easy process. We specialize in Jeep, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz. Please, give use a call and we will give you a great quote. Sometimes we ask for pictures or more specific questions then other junkyards, this helps us give you the best quote.

We have been growing the past year, and it’s hard for us to buy ever single car but we do give great quotes and we do stay busy. One thing is for sure, we love to buy cars. We can go anywhere in Indiana and sometimes even further to pick up vehicles. Lately we have been buying alot of cars around the Hendricks county area. Including but not limited to Danville and Coatesville. If yo have a car in Coatesville, we will come to you with cash and a tow truck and pay you right on the spot. Our junkyard isn’t far from you.


We can not explain this car, complete junker!

We buy cars like this all the time. This Pontiac was painted up custom. Which is fine, but if you do this to your car expect a little less money when we come buy it.

Call us anytime 317-374-2021 for car removal.

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