How much is your junk car worth?


How much does your junk car weigh?

We can pay a lot for your junk car depending on how much it weighs. If it is completely junk, we will pay you by the ton. Metal is at a all time low, but we are still buying. When we buy junk cars we make sure you get the most, not only do we want your junk car we want your friends and family’s so we be sure to pay you the most. If you download the mobile phone app we can give you referral bonus. We pay cash for cars in Indianapolis , however outside of the state could be paid by check.

If you are selling your junk car in Indianapolis call 317-374-2021. We will not only buy it from you but also tow it for free. We travel to Avon, Brownsburg, Zionsville, and Noblesville regularly.  Not just those areas, but every area in and around Indianapolis.

We make sure when buying your junk car to tow it same day removal. We understand sometimes your landlord or the city may not like a car sitting around too long.

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