Cash for junk cars Indianapolis is here and ready to buy

How do you know if your ready to sell your junk car?

Well is your junk car smoking or not even drivable, then it may be time to get cash for your junk car.

If the transmission is bad or the engine is over heating we will buy it.

When a junk car is completely wrecked in the front end or even the rear end of it is totally smashed that would be considered a junk car. We will come to you and tow it away no matter how big or how small your junk car is.

In 2015 Ace Midtown plans on buying over 1000 junk cars, and we would like to buy yours as well. When you are ready, we will come to you pay the big bucks and tow it away.

key board, where your junk car key goes.

We have space on the key board for your junk car!

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