Junk cars and junk yards update for September!

Here we are in this little city known as Indianapolis.

We have a junkyard, and its doing great. We have a whole ton on ton of cars for parts. Any part you may need we can find it. What is important is finding us.

Picture of our tow truck at our yard

If your looking for a place to junk your car, we are it.

We have a large junkyard located on the west side of Indianapolis. We have been buying junk cars for a really long time.

Junk car Indianapolis picture 1.

Guide on selling junk car.

Here is some news for you. Metal is going down, it is starting to drop like a rock. Many criticize our current president for this drop in price. The trade war is starting to effect metal big time. Rather he is doing right or wrong we don’t know, we do know one thing.. metal is going down.

With this being said, right now would be a good time to sell your car. It could go down again here in the coming months. There is talks that the country Turkey may stop buying metal from us. If this happens metal is sure to drop another $50/ton on top of the $40/ton is just dropped this month.

Its up to you if you want the sell the car now, or maybe wait until next year to sell. Whatever you decide to do, you can call and get our opinion anytime. We are here to help you. Here if you need any help getting rid of your junk cars.

Sell your junk car directions.

Proceed to step 1 to sell your car.

The first step in selling your car is being sure you have the title and locating the title. Once you have located the title give us a call at 317-374-2021.

The next step is getting a tow truck scheduled, please don’t schedule with us then call another company and schedule with them. This is one of the absolute rudest things you can do. We spend fuel on these trucks and spend time driving to your house just to be greeted by two other tow trucks at your house. RUDE!

Step 1 on getting help.

Sell your junk car with us anytime, 317-374-2021

After you have an appointment scheduled with us, be sure to remove your plates off your vehicle, you definitely don’t want those floating around our junkyard. It is your responsibility to be sure to get these off, our drivers do our best to remind you but as busy as we get sometimes we forget. You can always ask our driver to remove them for you, as we do that for free.

The last step is counting your money. Once our driver hands you the money we ask that you count it right in front of us. Too many times customers have tried scamming us by saying they didn’t get the correct amount. What really is happening you either dropped it or are hiding from your loved ones how much you actually got haha. Just count the money before we leave.

We are here to help you.

Junk yard of the year reward.

Located west of Indianapolis, we love this place!

Check out our new website google built for us. More info on our new little site.

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