Junk cars at the junk yard

Junk cars Indianapolis

We are buying those junk cars in Indianapolis and many other areas including Zionsville, IN.

We come to you, tow your car away 24 hours a day.

Reason why you should call us.

1. We are fair when it comes to buying your junk car.
2. We have been doing this for a very long time.
3. We pay top dollar and we are good at buying junk cars.
4. We arrive on time for your junk car.

We really like to buy and junk old junk cars.

When you decide to finally call, be ready with the year make and model. Be ready to remove your license plate before or during us arriving. We can help you anytime with removing that junker from your property.

If you decide you don’t want to sell your junk car please call us right away. It doesn’t bother us.

Rather it’s a Nissan or a Ford we will buy it.

An old story for ya. We arrived at a location to buy one junk car, it ended up turning into two junk cars. We paid cash for them on the spot next thing we know the neighbors both came over and we ended up buying 4 junk cars haha. The old over under purchase is what we called it.

We are fair when it comes to junking your car or junk yard parts.

Junk yard parts has never been easier with us.

Keep in mind when selling your car, call the rest then call the best. We are here to help you.


Goat likes junk cars.

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