May cash for cars pricing.

Junk car? May Pricing $130/ton*. Our very quick scale is open. Junk car scale pricing (Month of May $130/ton*) . We pay for tonnage along with batteries, wheels, and catalytic converters on your junk cars. Very quick in and out service.

Over $500,000 in FAST car processing equipment. We pay the absolute best in Indianapolis. The best 2019 equipment pays the best 2019 pricing! Our equipment out edges the competition. We recover all copper wire from junk vehicles allowing us to pass this recovery to you the tower.. the customer. We not too long ago use to wait in line at scrap yards, and we found the same problem over and over… time time time is important. We know your time is valuable, we WIN WIN WIN on time management. In and out guaranteed, absolute FASTEST cash at our scrap yard.

We are the absolute fastest scrap yard in town, you are in and out of our yard with cash in hand less then 10 minutes guaranteed. Tow more volume when your not waiting in line to get paid paid paid.

All pricing paid upon delivery of vehicle with motor, does not include towing. Could change.

*1 junk car with motor per week – $110/ton 
*5ish junk cars with motor per week- $115/ton
*15ish junk cars with motor per week – $120/ton
*30ish junk cars with motor per week – $125/ton
*50 junk cars with motor per week – $130/ton

+ $9 per battery
+ $9 per aluminum wheel
+ $$ for your catalytic converter, we charge $10 to cut off easy & $20 to cut off hard. We cut and you TAKE THE CATS WITH YOU, OR SELL THEM TO US (We use Edinburgh pricing, and deduct the cut off fee). We pay $9, and we are very FAIR and HONEST on the catalytic converters. You’ve all heard stories about other scrap yards and converters, we understand your concern… take your cats with you… we will cut them off for you…

WE PAY $5 for aftermarket converters left on cars! WOW WOW WOW

Car lot? We love dealer to dealer business. Quick and easy. We do fair honest trustworthy business. Back row? Let us clean it out, absolute BEST price in town. Bring them to us, or we can pay per car.

Call and ask for AJ 317-374-2021 anytime.

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