October 2019 Cash for cars Update

What a year it has been. Many downs not nearly as many ups.

We had a rollover on the semi with crushed cars, this set us back quite a bit. We stopped shipping out of the city and stopped getting top dollar, which ultimately hurt our customers.

Remodeling the junkyard/scrap yard getting ready for accepting volume junk cars!

The good news is we are about to be back on the road and back to shipping crushed cars out of the city….. which means the absolute best price for you.

Big red trailer with a blue door and grey trim. All the way to the dead end, last gate on the left! 501 s. Tibbs, Indianapolis, In, 46241. Paying the most for junk cars.

We had a crazy FIRE. It was preventable and that’s the worst part. We were in the middle of crushing cars and making more space for a safe work area. We were one week away from having a safe work area. We knew it was a problem and management was told many times it was a problem. Nothing was done about it.

Since then we have gotten rid of management and made room for movement on the rack. We are now using air, even tho using brushless tools wasn’t good enough…. we are now using air for fuel removal.

Metal is at an all time low for the past two years. This is mainly because of no trade deal with China, and our House of Representatives are arguing amongst each other and metal is not getting purchased. The USA obviously needs better roads, bridges, and infrastructure. Some may also say that we need more army tanks and infrastructure. Some may also say that we need a big metal wall across our southern border.

The tariffs was suppose to of helped metal forcing most of America to buy American metal. It seems mills are opening to produce more metal, but the rate is staying the same. Maybe because there is void in the system, Metal always goes up when there is a influx in demand. When the shredder doesn’t have enough metal to fill the void. The past year there has always been enough metal. What we need is LARGE orders all at once. Small orders over time will not raise the price like the scrap guys need.

What does all this have to do with the price of junk cars? Well junk cars are full of metal, copper, aluminum, platinum, scrap. When the car is shredded, they recover all this metal piece by piece. When metal is up they need more junk cars to cover the orders from the mills. To get more junk cars we pay more for them.

Unfortunately cash for cars is low because the mills just plain and simple don’t need volume. However we are still buying cars for other material than just metal. We also sale parts of the cars which helps with pricing. As of right now we are paying around $50-$60 a ton, which is very low considering 6 months ago we were at $160.

Cash for junk cars in Indianapolis isn’t so bad. If we come to you and pay you cash for your car, it’s a quick and easy solution for a little extra cash. Especially if the junk car removal is sitting in the yard collecting tree branches and leaves and not ever going to be put back on the road.

Call 317-374-2021 if you would like cash for cars and in or around Indianapolis.

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