Cash for cars

I hope everyone had a great Memorial day. We sure dude.


We want to buy your #junkcars. We are available to pay cash for cars 24 house a day 7 days a week. Call 317-374-2021.

We can buy in Greenwood, Beachgrove, Plainfield, Zionsville, anywhere in Indianapolis. Just call for a quote.

Cash for cars Greenwood

Why settle for less cash, call Ace midtown for the best quote on your junk cars.

We would like to pay cash for cars in all areas. It works in a few ways.

1. We come to you and check out your car.
2. We make you the best offer in the city.
3. We tow the car away.
4. We recycle the car as it should be.

This is a easy process as you can see, we eliminate the middle man. We buy cars from all over and have a large junk yard. Our junkyards are easy to find your part just call anytime. Open all days of the week.

Then give us a chance to make you an offer, often time our customers are completely surprised by what we offer.

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Cash for cars Greenwood, Whiteland, Johnson County

Cash for cars and cash for junk cars.


Southport, Whiteland, Johnson County

Well we are buying in all areas but we are especially paying top dollar cash for junk cars Greenwood.

We are towing 24 hours a day in Greenwood.

We can come anytime and buy that junk cars in Greenwood.

We are very fast and quick to pickup and do junk car removal in Greenwood, Indiana.

cash for junk cars in Indianapolis

If you have junk cars in Greenwood please call us at 317-374-2021 . We can help you with junk car removal from the backyard or the front yard. We will come to you with a big stack of cash. When I say big, I mean really big. We don’t come with quarters!

key board, where your junk car key goes.

We have space on the key board for your junk car!

We make it very easy for you to get rid of your car. Sell my car can be easy or hard depending on what the condition of your car is. We take them in any condition so really its EASY either way. We will try our hardest to keep it easy for you. We know that nobody wants a hard task. If you are in Greenwood, call us. We will buy it.

If you are in the Southport area we also can buy at your doorstep. Just try us out, get a hassle free quote.

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If you live in one of the above areas call us anytime for cash for cars greenwood.

How do you know its time to sell it?

1. Is it smoking?
2. Will it not start?
3. Will it always start?
4. Is it considered junk cars?
5. Is it giving you the worst headache every known to man kind?
6. Does it drive you crazy because it just looks like a junk car removal project?
7. Do you not love it anymore?
8. Do you live in Southport, Indiana?
9. Johnson county is big county, but we will buy in that area for sure!
10. Transmission slipping and sound like Greenwood pickup?

Cash for cars Greenwood

You are welcome to do anything you want to with your car of course. But giving us a chance at it is a WISE decision and you will be satisfied. Just look at our reviews!

Does your cd player work? Or is it so old it only has a tape deck. Either way we will pay you cash for junk cars on the spot!

Call 317-374-2021 anytime, thank you very much.

Greenwood residents call 317-374-2021

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Cash for cars Plainfield and all of Indianapolis

We have been paying cash for cars for over 5 years. We are very well experienced when it comes to giving quotes for junk cars over the phone.

Are you ready to sell your junk car. Sell my car or anything of that nature.

When we arrived to buy your car, we will come and pay you boohoohkooo bucks for it. Don’t be surprised when we offer the most cash for your car.

We have a sense of humor, we are not rude like all the rest of those dirty junk yards.

We are organized and fast to come pay you cash for your car.



Don’t be surprised when we arrived on time haha.

Why do we buy cars? Easy answer to this is we just loveeee to buy cars. We can make it to you same day or schedule two weeks from now. This is totally up 2 you.

Just remember call the rest then call the best when you are selling your car. Rather it’s a junk car or it is driving down the street with the convertible top down…. we will buy it.

About how much can you expect? Well easy answer again, the most in all of Indianapolis. Just try us out 317-374-2021 . Pick up the old cell phone, or new cell phone and dial those digits.

We make cash for cars a very easy task for you.

1. Pick up the phone and dial 3173742021
2. Get paid cash and go eat a steak dinner!
3. Order desert, and sit back and relax.

We are not kidding when we say we will pay the most, we buy more cars then anyone.. volume means cash!


Sit by the pool after we pay cash for your car

We can buy all over Indianapolis, call from Plainfield in the next two days and receive an extra 100$ just because we love your town so much.

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Cash for cars Avon & Indianapolis 317-374-2021

We are buying cars in your area. Sell my junk car can come to you and tow your vehicle in the same day. We are cash for cars, or cash for junk cars depending on how you read it.

We have been paying cash for cars for over 50 years.


We pay the most trade for autos in for cold hard currency Indianapolis and Avon.

Utilized autos, destroyed autos, garbage autos alright. Offer your auto quick.

We purchase autos on the spot.

Trucks. Autos. Suvs. Vans. Bikes. Running or Not.

Places that buy junk cars

Any Motor Vehicle. Any Condition. Destroyed & Junk Cars Ok. Places that buy junk cars are easy to find if you know where to look.

Is it true that you are prepared to offer your utilized auto for money? Did the merchant attempt to offer you pennies for your auto?

We are cash for junk cars Indianapolis.

Whether your auto is running, not running, in extraordinary condition or a complete wreck, we are

here to offer you beat dollar.

At, we purchase autos for the most money, period.

With more than 20 years of experience, we can offer you the best arrangement, as well as we will spare you time, bother and disturbance. Why accept telephone calls and answer messages throughout the day, from individuals who could conceivably purchase? We will go to your area and offer you money on the spot. Perused our client testimonials.

Quick Cash for Cars Indianapolis. Trucks. SUVs. Smaller than expected Vans. Any Condition. Running or Not.

Garbage Cars, Wrecked Cars, No Problem. We Buy All Makes and Models of Motor Vehicles.

Call (317) 374-2021 now for a free quote, or utilize our helpful online quote frame, and offer your auto quick for CASH anyplace in the Indianapolis area.

Cash for cars Indianapolis

We will buy any car for cash, call us 317-374-2021

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Ace Midtown is paying cash for cars running and driving.

Well, we were always buying junk cars and always buying running and driving cars but now we are paying top dollar for cars that run and drive.

Located at 501 s. Tibbs ave. 46241, Indianapolis we will come to you and tow your car or truck.

When selling your junk car be sure to remove your plates and check for belongings underneath the seats and in the trunk. We have customers sometimes accident forget these things and ends up costing them costly time to come to the junkyard and pick these up.

We just paid $500 for a Dodge ram truck and ended up saving the tail lights as you can see in the picture below.

Cash for cars and trucks in 2015 Indianapolis

Cash for cars and trucks in 2015 Indianapolis

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Car buyer Indianapolis


Ace midtown is the premier car buyer in Indianapolis. We buy in all areas, not just Indianapolis. We will come to many areas and pay cash for cars. Cash for junk cars also. When we come to you and buy we pay you in nothing but cash. We also give you a great deal on any parts you may need for your new vehicle or secondary vehicle that you may have besides the one that we buy junk cars.

Usually if the car has been sitting for a lo NV period of time some things may come up missing on it, especially the catalytic converter. Don’t let your car sit too long, sell it to us. You will get paid good cash for cars if it is still complete and not missing things like the catalytic converter.

We take pride in giving the most dollars for cars in Indianapolis. To do this we buy a lot of vehicles , and because we buy so many vehicles we can afford to pay more for vehicles.



When we arrived to buy your vehicle please be sure it’s ready to be sold. Find the keys and out them in a safe place till we arrive. Remove the plates off the vehicle. Clean all your belongings from the vehicle, don’t forget the trunk!

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Cash for cars Indianapolis

Call 317-374-2021 anytime for a cash for junk cars quote.

1. We quote the highest because we buy junk cars.
2. We will allow you to sell my junk car.
3. When you are ready to sell a junk car just give us a ring.

Been in this business for many years. If we make a quote offer to you we try our hardest to be sure it beats all of our competitors.  We do this because we buy so many cars a mknth, it averages out on your behalf. What I mean is we pay the most because we buy the most. We buy junk cars daily, weekly, monthly.

We are the pros when it comes to junking cars. We are into big things. We will pay you for a car that runs and drives, this would be cash for cars Indianapolis. If it is a junk car then it would be cash for junk cars. You can view the cash for cars indianapolis if you would like a quote on a running and driving car.


Cash for cars Indianapolis

We buy many cars, bad engine junk cars, bad transmission junk cars, wrecked cars, flipped cars. We will buy any junk truck and vans just give us a call 317-374-2021.

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Cash for cars Call 317-374-2021. New Cash for cars video.

Check out the Vimeo video Cash for Cars Indianapolis.

Call 317-374-2021 for cash for cars.

We Buy ancient & New junk cars – Sell The sellerr Junk Car or Truck For Cash
The seller can be assured that The seller Retired Ride will be well taken care of and its components put to good use. Cash for cars’s environmentally-friendly Best Recycling process removes and recycles all junk car fluids and hazardous materials. The seller junk car’s components will be made available to our clientele for re-use and the remaining components from The seller junk car will be used to create new steel and other products. Cash for cars is simply the best. By selling The seller junk car to us, we all help the environment become more Best, reducing the need to create new products from virgin materials, which in turn saves energy, water and reduces mining and other production wastes.
Fast Car Hauling & Fast Junk Car & Truck Removal

Cash for cars is a local Indianapolis junk Car buyer with over 50 years of experience in purchasing junk cars in the Indianapolis area. When The seller need extra funds, don’t overlook Most things like a junk car or truck The seller may have taking up space on The seller property. Amateur mechanics often keep an ancient or rebuild-able junk car with the intention to repair or restore it, then find themselves short on time and money to follow through with it. Cash for cars is makes it easy for you. There are also those stubborn cars that just stop working when The seller have no way of moving them. These aging junk cars quickly become unsightly eyesores, which in turn can lower The seller overall property value and upset The seller neighbors. Call 317-374-2021 for cash for cars. The seller may think it would cost a small fortune to have a car removed from The seller property. Cash for cars is fast! However, The seller can make a deal with a Cash for cars buyer and receive a healthy sum of money for getting rid of The seller unwanted junk car. At Indianapolis Cash for cars, we want to buy The seller junk car or truck, and our buyers offer Fast car removal as long as The seller have the junk cars’ title present.

Cash for cars is the most efficient way to junk your car. Most junk car buyers require The seller to haul the ancient junk car to their processing area or storage facility. We use our resources to offer Fast car hauling services for The seller to make the process even easier. While other companies may subtract the cost of hauling from the total amount that they pay the seller, we work with The seller to get The seller the top dollar for The seller car or truck with the least amount of hassle. Cash for cars is paying cash only no checks. Our buyers will work with The seller to schedule the best time to pick the car up from The seller. In the end, it will be a hassle-Fast car service, with the benefits of a cleaner looking area and higher property values.

Cash for cars has been in this business for over 25 years. Our clientele are often faced with the question, “How can I quickly sell my disabled, wrecked, or unwanted car at a reasonable price?” We have answers. Cash for cars is towing for free. We will give The seller top dollar for The seller junk car AND pick up The seller junk car at no cost to The seller if it is located in the Indianapolis area. We offer Fast, no obligation quotes for The seller junk cars. Call 317-374-2021 for cash for cars. After a successful inspection, The seller will find The seller happily having ancient The seller junk car without going through the trouble of doing everything on The seller own. Call Cash for cars for a quick and hassle-Fast way to take that truck or car out of The seller hands, now!

Call 317-374-2021 for cash for cars.

Cash for cars is bringing cash on the spot.

We provide Fast car or truck removal using our company tow trucks and drivers when picking up the seller disabled, wrecked, or unwanted/junk junk car.

Environmentally Best Crusher

With over 50 years of experience in Best recycling, we recycle all harmful junk car fluids and hazardous materials.

Our drivers are , insured, and go through a background check for our customer’s safety.

We gladly accept titles that are Fast of any liens including out of state titles, auction sales receipts, mechanic’s liens, storage lot liens, and any other forms of transferable documentation.
Buying Unwanted junk cars

We will pick up any unwanted junk cars, 7 days a week. Call 317-374-2021 for cash for cars.

Cash for cars Indianapolis

We will buy any car for cash, call us 317-374-2021

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How much is your junk car worth?


How much does your junk car weigh?

We can pay a lot for your junk car depending on how much it weighs. If it is completely junk, we will pay you by the ton. Metal is at a all time low, but we are still buying. When we buy junk cars we make sure you get the most, not only do we want your junk car we want your friends and family’s so we be sure to pay you the most. If you download the mobile phone app we can give you referral bonus. We pay cash for cars in Indianapolis , however outside of the state could be paid by check.

If you are selling your junk car in Indianapolis call 317-374-2021. We will not only buy it from you but also tow it for free. We travel to Avon, Brownsburg, Zionsville, and Noblesville regularly.  Not just those areas, but every area in and around Indianapolis.

We make sure when buying your junk car to tow it same day removal. We understand sometimes your landlord or the city may not like a car sitting around too long.

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Cash for junk cars Indianapolis is here and ready to buy

How do you know if your ready to sell your junk car?

Well is your junk car smoking or not even drivable, then it may be time to get cash for your junk car.

If the transmission is bad or the engine is over heating we will buy it.

When a junk car is completely wrecked in the front end or even the rear end of it is totally smashed that would be considered a junk car. We will come to you and tow it away no matter how big or how small your junk car is.

In 2015 Ace Midtown plans on buying over 1000 junk cars, and we would like to buy yours as well. When you are ready, we will come to you pay the big bucks and tow it away.

key board, where your junk car key goes.

We have space on the key board for your junk car!

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Cash for junk cars Ace Midtown 317-374-2021

We try very hard to provide the best junk car removal service and look to recycle as much of your vehicle as possible. Why wait for a long time when we can give you cash and remove your junk car in as little as 1 hour. Our trucks are ready to pick up your car and bring it to our auto recycling center.

For tons of people, getting rid of your junk car can be a hassle and no 1 wants to waste your time. Contacting a junk car removal service like Cash For Junk Car Ace Midtown is your best option for junk car disposal. 

— Take caution —
Caution of those really high offers, they are too good to be true. When they showup they find reasons to give you a lower price. Don’t get fooled. Our price quotes are always guaranteed.


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Cash for junk cars Indianapolis 317-374-2021

Gnarly burnout by yours truly. One day this c63 AMG Mercedes will be a junk car. Hopefully not anytime soon. We come to you and pay you top dollar for your junk cars. We have a few other friends who will also buy your junk cars in Indianapolis and other areas. Indianapolis junk car removal

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